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Philosophy of THF Club

"The Happy Few" is a new ladies' club with more than 2000 members proving to be wildly popular to many expats currently residing in London or dividing time between international cities around the globe. Open exclusively to women, with gatherings every two months (usually on the first Thursday of the month), over luncheons in various venues (latest and popular restaurants and /or private homes). "The Happy Few" club has recently launched the same in Paris where ladies meet every two months, over dinners on the last Wednesday of the month. The club's member representatives are composed of ladies from around the world. The club intends to organize various, by invitation only, private art, social, cultural, special travel events, offered globally to the members.

The lunches are also infused with speakers from various backgrounds and disciplines, with a human touch that we ladies can all relate to, and that range from philanthropists, businesswomen, designers, artists, actors, singers, photographers, authors, architects, intellectuals, bankers, healers, mothers, etc… all of whom are highly accomplished in their chosen careers, and their inspiring talks which uplifts our sense of that 'anything is possible' if one puts mind to it and empowers us to go after our aspirations and dreams...

So far we have had a very interesting speakers like Nicoletta Fiorucci on art, Daniela Agnelli on fashion, Edith Vernes on theatre Lulu Guinness and many others.

The club members are by invitation only and those interested in joining may be invited by an existing member to partake in the experience of being a part of this select international group of interesting, curious, fun, and like-minded ladies that share similar values on how to enrich one's life journey with unique shared experiences...

The name of the club, "The Happy Few", inspired by La Chartreuse de Parme, is not at all a social reference, but an elitist manner and approach to one's choices and actions that one makes in this wonderful life's journey!

THF Team

Why "The Happy Few" ??
Stendhal's book dedications were "To The Happy Few" referirng to the few people who truly understood his writing. Stendhal's works included irony and psychological aspects. He is known for his acute analysis of his characters' psychology and for the dryness of his writing style. Stendhal is considered one of the foremost and earliest practitioners of the realistic form.
He died in 1842. Almost a hundred years passed before he was understood as a major figure of world literature.