THF London 14/03/2017

Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 london

Why Mindfulness Is So Important

We were delighted to start the new year with such a wonderful speaker- Palma Michel, passionate about meditation.

Palma is co-founder of Profuse29- the organization that offers contemporary and science-driven mindfulness courses as well as the author of "The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership" that will be released in April 2017. She regularly speaks about the link between mindfulness and creativity, mindful working, mindful leadership and mindful living.

In her speech she told us about the impact meditation had on her life and she helped us to understand "Why Mindfulness Is So Important".

"While I was always quite a happy and optimistic person, there used to be a small background anxiety of something missing, of not being enough. It is through the dedicated practice of meditation and the methods from positive psychology that today the background anxiety is gone and replaced by a sense of fundamental wholeness, an inner peace that is always there in the foreground or at least the background, no matter what happens."

Palma Michel

TUESDAY March 14th 2017
12:00 pm welcome drink
12:30 pm speech
1:00 pm lunch
2:30-3:00 pm end

The Sloane Club
52 Lower Sloane St
London, United Kingdom

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