THF Milan 09/06/2016

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016 milan

Coming back to the future

It was the first dinner of The Happy Few Milan!! We were so excited!

This time we met at OM Food Restaurant, located in the same building as the beautiful Secondo Pensiero- Bed&Breakfast whose owner- Lucia Scognamiglio, was our first speaker in Milan!

Lucia never gave up on her dreams of having her own B&B. Finally she opened it in her family house in Milan. In her speech "Ritorno al futuro" ("Coming back to the future") she told us how her dreams came true.

After the speech she show us her wonderful B&B. We were impressed by its amazing design.

The aperitif at OM Food was delicious. We are looking forward to come back to Milan after the summer!

THURSDAY June 9th 2016
7:30 pm
OM Food Restaurant
Corso Magenta, 12,
20123 Milan

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