THF Paris 17/02/2016

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 paris

Work in film industry and passion for writing

Are you interested in the film industry? Or do you rather prefer the literature? In February we had an opportunity to hear about both! We heard about the passions of two wonderful women: Harriet Marin and Caroline Dhainaut Nollet. Harriet- a scriptwriter and director, author of among others "Tres a l'ouest d'Eden" and "Pardon", told us some interesting facts about her work in film industry and her passion for writing. Caroline- producer, general director at Sofica told us even more about movie industry and what is so exciting in working in it.

Once more we met and enjoyed delicious dinner at Waknine Restaurant in Paris.

WEDNESDAY February 17th 2016 7:30 pm
Restaurant Waknine
9 Av Pierre 1er de Serbie,
75116, Paris

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