Joselyne Mukakarisa

Joselyne Mukakarisa

The Happy Few has sponsored a sister through Women for Women International’s year-long training programme. Our new sister is called Joselyne Mukakarisa and she is from Rwanda! Joselyne is married and the proud mother of four boys and one girl. She is between 41 – 50 years old.

Our sister, Joselyne, has been chosen to join the programme because she faces many forms of hardship in her daily life, which have left her struggling to cope. Getting a place on Women for Women International’s training programme means that Joselyne has experienced things that nobody should ever have to go through – but it also means that she is incredibly resilient, resourceful, and courageous. Thanks to the support of the Happy Few, Joselyne will learn how to earn and save money, improve her family’s health and make her voice heard at home and in her community.

Over the next year, we will be writing letters to Joselyne, supporting her and forming a friendship that transcends continents. We are also looking forward to receiving updates about Joselyne as she progresses through the charity’s training programme and takes charge of her future. We really want Joselyne to know that we believe in her future! She has survived against the odds and now, with support from Happy Few, she has found a safe place where she can build friendships, learn new skills, find her voice, and create a brighter future for herself and her family.

News about Joselyne

DATE: 03/11/2019

In the last three months, Joselyne has learnt:
- about her rights to vote, own land, and have custody of her children;
- that she is equal to the men in her family and community;
- about national laws that protect her from violence and discrimination.
She has also chosen her vocational skill, and started to work towards a more hopeful future.

DATE: 23/09/2019

We received a letter from Joselyne!
She shared with us the information about her and her family. We are very proud of her and we hope to get some more news soon.

DATE: 26/05/2019

In the first three months, Joselyne has learnt:
- the value of her unpaid work;
- how to manage her money;
- the importance of saving a portion of her earnings.
She has also chosen her vocational skill, and started to work towards a more hopeful future.

DATE: 22/05/2019

Joselyne is now in her third month of training. Right now, she is learning some fundamental skills that will help her earn an income, so she can support her family and save for their future.

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