Edith Vernes

Edith Vernes

Edith is a French actress who made her debut in Hamlet, under the direction of Patrice Chéreau. Shortly thereafter, she met Christophe Lidon who offered her several leading roles in Jean Racine’s Andromaque, Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and Francoise Sagan’s Des yeux soie (Silken Eyes). She also played in two shows directed by Jean Reno, and then in Les directeurs (The Directors), staged by Etienne Bierry.

A collaboration with the Italian director Maria Christina Madau allowed her to portray two great female figures: Salome in Oscar Wilde’s play, and Isadora Duncan. She then met Béata Nilska when they worked together on the play The Bug, at the Théâtre La Bruyère. They subsequently took up the challenge of adapting for the stage the wonderful text of Madame du Châtelet, Discours sur le bonheur (Discourse on Happiness), a role that Edith created at the Théâtre du Lucernaire in 2011, and reprised in London in 2013 to launch the "En Scène" French theatre season at the Institut Français.

Last January 2014, she created « Three Splits/Trois Ruptures » from Remi de Vos at the Chelsea Theatre , it was a sold out.

In London, she met a French director, Marianne Badrichani and together they work on different collaborations starting with "Three splits/Trois ruptures" from Rémi de Vos then "Dinner at the Smiths" an immersive show from Eugène Ionesco and recently " Sacha Guitry, ma Fille et Moi" that they adapted from the works of great French playwright Sacha Guitry.

Edith also has a keen interest in teaching and stage direction. She has directed Ionesco’s Délire à deux (Frenzy for two), and a creation by Philippe Honoré, Je dois tout à ma mere (I owe everything to my mother). Edith created a training workshop for actors, "Studio Alambic", in Paris, and is now pursuing this activity in London with her company "So French Production".

Edith: "Beside my actress career , I have been teaching acting for the past 10 years. I started in Paris, in 2006, creating my own training studio and when I moved to London 4 years ago, I started teaching to a french group at the Bhavan center, a great theatre in WestKensington. I haven't stopped since and the group has grown.

I really love passing on my passion, I have been doing shows with my students for the past 10 years, and I enjoy deeply the way they all blossom on stage after working so hard for one year with me. The studio is open to every one that has a true desire ..."

Edith Vernes