Luisa Munaretto

Luisa Munaretto

The years spent as expansion capital investor for a prominent family office, inspired Luisa for the introduction of a real innovation and breakthrough mind set in asset management.

As innovative entrepreneur, Luisa leadership is focused on leveraging private equity approach to create socio-economical value for branded lifestyle & digital businesses originated from emerging countries.

As “business translation” of a country cultural & historical heritage, a lifestyle brand involves precious ancestral skills in verticals like fabrics, embroidery, fashion, leatherwear cosmetics, food, wellness, sport and others which are providing great inspiration for “story telling” as key asset for a scalable brand. PE success stories like Burberry, Versace, Havaianas are leveraging on British, Italian and Brazilian heritage.

Driven by this approach, she led the incorporation and development of Brands&Beyond LLP in Delhi & Singapore.

Brands & Beyond is an innovative expansion capital investment business which mission is to create value inside the deep heritage of India. The country held unique skills in several segments like ayurvedic wellness with its impacts in cosmetics, medicine and sport practice, embroideries & leatherworks with the multiples applications for fashion brands, interior decoration, accessories and others. The development of new leading “Made in India” lifestyle brands implies the “empowerment” and “the inclusion in growth” of millions of people who are today manufacturing outstanding masterpieces in different fields. The investment approach implies a combination among domestic know-how, capital, best business practices & digital business models to transform contemporary India in a new reference in the space.

In addition to the main business, Luisa is regularly investing in start-ups & serving as board member of different listed and privately held companies which develop innovative business models in digital space and promotes female talent like Claranova and EasySize.

She is committed in sharing experiences and “out of the box” thinking with students participating to the courses as professional expert/coach to follow up new business ideas originated by the students. She is invited as speaker for conference on innovation like Kinnernet, PE Exchange forum in Paris and “Innovation MBA” promoted by the French company Mazars.

As personal participation to make the world a better place, Luisa is dedicating time as teacher of Civil Society Philosophy in a leading primary school in Paris.

Luisa Munaretto