Marianne Abib-Pech

Marianne Abib-Pech

Founder LeadTheFuture and Co-Founder Eastern Intelligence. Winner of the Women's Business Initiative International Ambition Award 2014. Author of Financial Times Guide to Leadership: How to lead effectively and get results!

"I write... therefore I am"

Marianne Abib- Pech: "I was not supposed to become a writer. My professional life has always been about business, finance and... people. Deal making and the wonderful world of Oil and Gas while developing the next generation of finance leaders were my remit. I worked for some of the most prestigious symbols of Corporate America: Arthur Andersen, Motorola, General Electric, all over the world. This was the golden path, it led me to the corner office as the Global CFO for Shell Aviation. No questions asked.

But one day, it did not feel enough anymore. One day, I realised I was restless, constrained and overall unsatisfied. I was looking for more. That summer, I received a wonderful birthday gift: A book.

This book changed my life. Like an epiphany, like falling in love for the first time, something opened inside me... I started to write, and all made sense again. Writing became my oxygen, my addiction, my passion. I feel very honoured to have the opportunity to share this with you in December. Until we meet."

MARIANNE ABIB- PECH- Fondatrice de LeadTheFuture et Co-Fondatrice d'Eastern Intelligence. Auteur du Financial Times Guide to Leadership: How to lead effectively and get results.

"J'écris donc... je suis "

Marianne Abib- Pech: "Rien ne me destinait a écrire. Les quinze premières années de ma vie professionnelles se sont déroulées dans le monde scintillant de la finance internationale. D'Arthur Andersen a General Electric, au poste de Directeur Financier Monde de Shell Aviation, des institutions Luxembourgeoises, au brouillard londonien, en passant par les gratte-ciels new-yorkais, et la moiteur Hongkongaise, j'allais, sereine, ma route semblait toute tracée.

Un été, ma meilleure amie m'a offert un livre. Ce livre a changé ma vie. Je me suis mise a écrire. Ce fut comme si une chape de plomb jusque la invisible venait de se soulever de mes épaules, comme si, je prenais conscience de ce que je voulais, vraiment... comme si je réalisais qui j'étais vraiment. L'écriture est devenue mon refuge, mon oxygéne, ma passion."

Marianne Abib-Pech