Marisol Mosquera

Marisol Mosquera

Marisol Mosquera is the founder and CEO of Aracari Travel, a market leading provider of high-end and sustainable travel in the Andean region.

Marisol was born in Peru and raised in Barcelona, Spain. After finishing her studies in International Business in Washington DC, Marisol pursued a successful financial career in New York and London. She worked for major financial institutions such as Chase Manhattan Bank, UBS and Baring Securities, focussing on Latin American equity capital markets.

In 1996, Marisol returned to her home country of Peru to establish a business in tourism. She spent two years crisscrossing the entire country, getting to intimately know the biggest cities and smallest villages. On her travels she met the archaeologists, anthropologists and environmentalists who work hard to preserve Peru’s heritage. Marisol’s journey was driven by a desire to deeply understand the country, so that she could offer truly fulfilling, authentic and sustainable travel experiences for her clients.

Marisol is a pioneer in the high-end cultural and adventure travel market. Her hands-on approach to travel has, for more than 20-years, ensured her clients experience a uniquely close connection with Peruvian life, culture and art.

Marisol’s dedication to authentic and experiential travel has seen her recognized as a Conde Nast Traveler magazine specialist, and a Travel + Leisure A-list agent for Peru and Bolivia.

Travel & Leisure Magazine once said of Marisol, “Mosquera brings not only elegance and panache to her work but also wisdom and a sense of history; she keeps you comfortable but helps you penetrate to the truest Peru, to experiences you might not otherwise have accrued until you’d visited the country 40 times.”

As the president of Aracari, Marisol is devoted to the strategic marketing of the company’s services to established and new markets, such as the USA, Brazil and the Far East. Marisol also offers consultancy services to owners of select properties and leisure companies worldwide who want to gain access to a targeted international luxury market.

In addition to providing unique travel experiences, Marisol is a key player in the promotion of Andean culture and civilization. She has lectured and participated in panels in London, Spain and beyond, discussing Inca and pre-Inca culture, Peruvian gastronomy and contemporary art subjects. Marisol is a UK Trustee of Promujer, and also on the committee of the Anglo-Peruvian society in the UK.

Marisol currently splits her time between London where she lives with her son, and Lima, Peru where Aracari is based.

Marisol Mosquera
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